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Backed by Telegram, TON ECO is Rising

There are 900M active users on Telegram and TON can connect with the users directly. Build on TON equals build on Telegram. Early adopters will be the KING of not just TON, but Telegram.

Claim TONX ID, Big Bags With Plenty of Airdrop

TONX ID is your gateway to the TON/Telegram ecosystem. TONX ID holders will be eligible for lots of project airdrops. First 10,000 TONX IDs will include exclusive benefits. Be the TONX ID pioneer at TON Hacker House!

50+ VCs, Animoca Brands, TON Foundation

TON Foundation, TONcoin.fund, Animoca Brands, GSR, GBV, OKX Ventures sit together and talk about world trends. Build the most direct connections with the big names!


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Yat Siu
Yat Siu
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands
Steve Yun
Steve Yun
President of TON Foundation
Co-Founder of TONX
David Mak
David Mak
CEO of Pluto & Catizen
Allen Ng
Allen Ng
CEO of Everest Ventures Group (EVG)
Hong Kong Lead of TON Society
Mark Okhman
Mark Okhman
CEO & Co-Founder of XTON
Peng SUN
Peng SUN
Researcher of Foresight News


Dr. Awesome Doge
Dr. Awesome Doge
Co-Founder of TONX
Co-Founder of TonFura
Gleb V
Gleb V
Mini-app Lead of TON Foundation
Venture Investments & Head of Portfolio Strategy of Animoca Ventures
Howard Peng
Howard Peng
DevRel Asia Lead of TON Foundation
Shijie Zhou
Shijie Zhou
Senior Investment Manager of OKX Ventures
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TON Hacker House

TON Blockchain Hacker House, backed by TON Foundation, focus on commercial blockchain solutions

TON DEV Journey is a learning and building program where individuals ranging from blockchain experts to beginners can demonstrate innovation on the TON blockchain. Supported by the TON official entity, TON Foundation, it serves as an ideal launchpad for large-scale ideas, initiating them in a straightforward and thrilling manner.
Participants have the opportunity to win prizes of up to USD $1,500,000 and gain access to accelerated support in subsequent Hacker House.


The grand final is in HK on 04/04/2024
HK JW Marriott, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Central, Hong Kong
09 : 30 - 10 : 00
Register & Check In
10 : 00 - 10 : 10
Opening Ceremony
10 : 10 - 10 : 15
Announcement of Hacker House Development Themes
10 : 20 - 10 : 30
Keynote — The Future of TON blockchain and its role in Telegram ecosystem
10 : 35 - 10 : 55
Panel: Rising Projects in the TON Ecosystem
11 : 00 - 11 : 20
Developer Onboarding
11 : 20 - 11 : 30
Keynote by TON Society
11 : 30 - 12 : 30
Lunch Break
12 : 30 - 12 : 45
✰ ✰ ✰ Something is cooking... ✰ ✰ ✰
12 : 50 - 13 : 30
Panel: Web3 Super App - Opportunities in Asia
13 : 40 - 13 : 55
Keynote: How to Create a Popular Mini-Game on Telegram
14 : 05 - 14 : 15
Keynote: Telegram & TON as a Web3 Growth Strategy
14 : 30 - 17 : 10
Demo Time
17 : 20 - 17 : 50
Judge Time
17 : 50 - 18 : 00
Award Time
18 : 00 -
Closing Ceremony

This is where your dreams take center stage

Witness the pinnacle of the Hacker House! From Taipei to Hong Kong, winning teams will take the Hacker House stage of honor and showcase their talents to the world.

This is not just their moment of glory, it's yours too! Here, you can present your innovative projects to top venture capital firms and have the chance to win up to USD$1,500,000 in innovation prizes. Whether you're a loyal TON fan or a passionate innovator, this is the perfect stage to showcase your talents. Seize the opportunity, stand out, and let your shine brighter than ever before!

Questions on Hacker House?

Unleash Potential, Propel Ambitions

Gateway: Your Best TON Partner
TONX is TON's venture studio in Asia accredited by TON Foundation. Start your journey into the world of TON blockchain technology with confidence.
Accelearate: Idea to Impact
Access dedicated technical resources, development tools, and expert guidance to accelerate your project from concept to realization.
Co-create the Future of TON
Join a vibrant community of developers and tech enthusiasts from around the world. Collaborate, share ideas, and shape the future of TON together.


TonFura Pioneer

Development Tools and Instructional Support

Journey members can utilize TonFura, the most reliable RPC DEV tools that empower development project easily on TON blockchain, with exclusive early access to Pioneer plan quotas, and have direct support from TonFura official team.
tonfura lazer image

Advanced Technical Support

TonFura team provides technical coaching and supports to ensure seamless development with ease for Journey members to build on TON.

Qualification for Hacker House

Eligible journey members may earn a place at Hacker House during DemoDay.

Developer Networking

Hacker House offers Journey members exclusive networking opportunities with top leading developers of TON ecosystem.

Rewards and Certification

Hacker House participants are entitled to official certifications and awards, with the opportunity to receive ecosystem incentives exceeding USD$1,500,000 as well as sponsored partner additional prizes.
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